fav P1370838In the words of Dr Seuss…..‘Oh the Places You’ll Go!’

2015 – Had the wonderful opportunity to travel to many places through Ireland, England, Scotland, Germany and Belgium by various modes of transport for ten amazing weeks. In actual fact – I was buzzing around like a Blue Ass Fly in a glass jar not knowing where I was going on each given day – that’s another story though!  haha

Each country/city has a ‘feel’ of its own – so I decided to sum up each place in just Three Words of what ‘I felt/saw’ about each place.

I captured an outrageous number of images each day – culling the ‘keepers’ at night and popping them in folders. See link below

Travel Images – Short Story Picture Boards  – click for link

Hope you enjoy – and please share your own good, bad and funny experiences with us.

Ahh travel presents many experiences…..some may not have been funny at the time – yet they make great stories and make you laugh later! haha


26 thoughts on “Travel

  1. Ah! Now that’ I’ve come back and read some (instead of just gaping at the gorgeous photos) I understand your posts a little better, especially the title format. Clever and fascinating. Thank you for sharing your travels and your talent for finding those images!

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      1. Focus on! Har! (I’m always a sucker for a pun)!

        But on a serious note, it seems such a fine way of life, and you perfectly suited to it. And the rest of us extremely lucky to be able to tag along for the adventure!

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      2. It took me a while to create a Life worth Living – I had every excuse under the sun not to. hmmmm sounds like your book idea!!! Take a deep breath and dismiss the head talk.

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      1. I believe you. There’ll be part of the dedication to “Lexa Harpell whose boot reached through the Internet and gave the author a much needed kick in the ass!” Or something like that! 🙂


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