Beauty in our bush fires…Tasmania

Australia’s ‘Mother Nature’ seems to pick a state each year to remind us that she is in charge of this glorious land. Tasmania has been hard hit this year by our bushfires. Bushfires are a natural part of our land. Many plants need searing heat for the pods to explode and seeds dispersed. Many of our trees have become resilient and will quickly regenerate. For months, the north west and south … Continue reading Beauty in our bush fires…Tasmania

Collecting information for an upcoming book…

I’ve been busy collecting information and stories for an upcoming book planned for the end of the year. It has been an absolute privilege to interview some fascinating people from the ‘Silent Generation’.  This generation built a society and our country with their ‘bare hands’. No modern conveniences, just raw hard work using basic tools. Yet they achieved a lot in their life. We have much to be thankful … Continue reading Collecting information for an upcoming book…

MONA – Artwork to push boundaries!

Now for a peek this sometimes controversial art collection. MONA’s artwork and museum pieces are the private collection of owner David Walsh. Artwork is always subjective, it is supposed to be! Would you remember a row of insipid realistic paintings? ummm hardly. Some pieces will push your boundaries, some will fascinate you, some will delight your eyes. Love or hate this collection, it WILL make you think … Continue reading MONA – Artwork to push boundaries!

Where would you live if you owned an art museum – MONA!

MONA – Museum of Old and New Art! Lets talk about the building first. The story behind this world class Museum/Art Gallery is very interesting. Controversial owner David Walsh grew up dreaming of the white house on the hill opposite his home. Years later he bought the house and surrounding lands to build an art museum. The white house remains an integral part of MONA, the building. See top right … Continue reading Where would you live if you owned an art museum – MONA!

Oh the things you see – Dunalley Tasmania

Dunalley is only a small town on the south east coast of  Tasmania, yet there were a few sights that made me stop and smile… Sheep enjoying magnificent water views reminded me of the plentiful sheep in Ireland grazing on the coasts – prime real estate. Location -location – location! Nestle’s? In Cadbury country! that high????   Time for fishing! If you can’t catch them, buy … Continue reading Oh the things you see – Dunalley Tasmania

Convict Coal Mines – Harsh – Cruel – Historic

Just about everyone in Australia knows about the historic ‘Port Arthur Historic (convict) Site’ and a bit about its history. Yet very few know about the convict ‘Historic Coal Mines’ just 30kms away at Little Norfolk Bay. The Port Arthur Site is a BIG tourist attraction and you pay BIG money to enter and see the islands. Yet few go to the Coal Mines Site  by the … Continue reading Convict Coal Mines – Harsh – Cruel – Historic

Lime Bay -Tranquill – Quiet – Scenic

This is a must if you want to unwind!!! For a change of pace…Just 4kms on an unsealed road from the Historic Coal Mines is the ‘luscious’ Lime Bay State Reserve campsite on the north west tip of the Tasman Peninsular. My two wheel drive Hi-top campervan did it easily, mind you I would not have gotten any speeding tickets! It’s flat and graded fairly … Continue reading Lime Bay -Tranquill – Quiet – Scenic

Maria Island – Historic – Quiet – Surprises

Maria Island is quiet, at times you feel you are the only person on the island. Yet it has a lot to offer. The glorious Painted Cliffs – Rock Pools – Fossil Cliffs – the convict history and wildlife. One day was not quite enough! A relatively quick boat ride, then explore like crazy! I covered a lot of ground on my bicycle, so my camera had … Continue reading Maria Island – Historic – Quiet – Surprises

Beauty in destruction…

Our bushfires case tremendous damage to our landscape- yet there is beauty in its devastation. The blackened charred trees lined this tidal beach just outside of Dunally, Tasmania. The wheat coloured sand formed rippled bands with the azure blue waters, creating a  calm contrast with the dramatic blackened trees – it took my breath away.       And Bugsy! Continue reading Beauty in destruction…