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My first book was written for my mum’s ninetieth birthday (who had dementia) as a gift. ‘I wanted to show her that the things she did for me as a child did not go unnoticed.’

After receiving such a beautiful healing experience, (yep, we all have niggling little issues with our parents, despite how much we love them) something compelled me to write a book for our dad with my brother to ‘see my dad through the eyes of a son.’

Even though our dad had passed away, I found it is never too late to tell someone how much you love them.

‘My intention was to give a heartfelt gift to my mum – it also turned out to be the greatest gift I gave to myself.’

‘By remembering the little things in life, they turned out to be the important things.’

COVER_V3 HIGH RES - Copy   Cover 

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 Join me on a journey to remember the importance of the little things in life…they turn out to be the big things… 

Book Trailer on Youtube: link

 Available links:  Balboa Press:     Amazon:     Barnes and Noble:

*Please be aware, this is a picture book, not all background images and fonts appear on E-Book or Kindle version. The translation and visual will be a little lost, however the essence of the words will be there. 


10 thoughts on “Books

    1. Mum’s book was never meant to be published – yet 4 yrs later the powers to be stepped in…. Thank you again for looking at the books. I do simple well. hahaha I don’t complicate life. 😀

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    1. NO NO NO!!! Do not think – just do. So many people in the world ‘wish’ they could publish a book, few actually do it. Ok, so you may not make a gazillion $$$ – or maybe you will? hehe Yet the feeling is priceless when all the work is done and you hold that soft copy in your hands – oh and see it on Amazon!

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