Book Review by Anita Kovacevic…

TO MUM, GIFTS FROM YOUR SOUL by Lexa Harpell – my review no.53

on 22/05/2016

Pure love, with sugar and spice


This is a book which is so simple, and has moved me so much. It is no fiction, it is no lecture, it is no poetry. It is pure love. It has made me smile, cry, think and feel. It gives hope and awakens kindness in its almost child-like honesty.

Moments like these, reading this book, are so rare in this hustle and bustle we all crawl through every day. It focuses on what matters most – selfless love and family, despite and because of life’s turmoil and misunderstandings. The language just flows, soothing and relaxing.

I do believe I will go back to it from time to time. It is short and succint, and carries within it enough music and heart to lift me up. It it not just about mothers and daughters. It is about what matters in life – the small seeds we plant in each other’s lives.



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