My Collection of Favourite Images from TASMANIA!


The way I saw this state!

Tasmania is ‘Contained’ – you only have to drive an hour and you are ‘somewhere’! It has such diverse scenery you could every want to see.

‘Raw – Untouched – Exciting’ – the abundant natural beauty astounded me time and again. We have to take our hats off to the National Parks in the way they present, nurture and take care of their lands.

From the azure blue waters and pristine white sand beaches and the dynamic orange covered rocks at the Bay of Fires and its surrounds.

To the north east coast’s rugged, raw, turbulent and stunning beaches on the west coast near Arthur River – they don’t call it the ‘Edge of the World’ for nothing!

To Cockle Creek, the most southern road in Australia and hike to South Cape Bay and stand looking out knowing the next land mass is Antarctica.

Renown Cradle Mountain with its multiple walks and hikes with jaw dropping scenery. Desolate Lake Pedder – glorious Mount Field, Lake St Claire, Freycinet National Park, Hartz National Park and many, many more smaller parks yet equally glorious. Far too many to mention!

The Huon Trail – you Tasmanian’s have a great love for sailing – and if you time it right Apple, apple, apples – right off the tree – paying around $2 for 2kg.

The produce on Bruny Island is to die for!

Of course the mighty Gordon River and its magical protected rainforests and Macquarie Harbour – speechless.

Rich in convict history – you will see and learn about our beginnings, the cruelty and humbled by what these people went through to build our nation. (they were basically used as free labour and to colonise our country)

Oh gosh I know there are places I have left out!!!

Oh do drop by the gallery and see for yourself and maybe begin planning your own trip one day.  

here are just a few – click to see Tasmania’s full gallery.

Fullscreen capture 5062016 103237 AM

Perhaps consider having one or more prints in your home or office or just have a browse – trust you will enjoy the images:)


To view my FULL eclectic Gallery from various places and scenes – click here.

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5 thoughts on “My Collection of Favourite Images from TASMANIA!

  1. You have some awesome photos here Lexa. There’s no doubt that Tassie is one of the most beautiful places with so much to offer. And you’ve captured it beautifully. Hope you’re keeping well. xo

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh thank is so kind Miriam – as you know it isn’t hard to capture its abundant beauty!! I’ve been doing a lot of ‘housekeeping’ on the back end of things on my images and sites. Keeps my too busy – would prefer to be travelling! haha How have you been and how is your mum?

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I know what you mean Lexa. It’s good to keep busy. I’ve been a bit preoccupied lately and up and down with things but otherwise ok. Would love to be out traveling too but nothing planned in the short term.
        Mum is the same, I go in a few times a week and always leave with a heavy heart but life goes on. Thanks for asking Lexa. xo


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