Remember the little things…

Even though my mum has passed away, I still reflect on the little things she did for me as a child. I wrote this book for her 90th Birthday in the hope she would understand how much the little things she did for me did not go unnoticed.


Download these free pages to ‘make your own book’ to show your mum that you remember this Mother’s Day.

Also Availabe on Amazon

What readers have to say:

A touching well written tribute…
Something that should be on everyone’s bookshelf…
A powerful gift of simple memories…
Touching and inspiring…
If you can not find the words, Lexa will help you…
A treasure of love…
This is a heartwarming special book written
with such love and understanding …
It’s a beautiful book from a daughter to an elderly mother…
A sweet ode to a mother…


17 thoughts on “Remember the little things…

      1. Mum (who a year ago was a strong independent 86 yo woman living happily on her own) went in for a brain operation to remove a benign tumor. Two failed operations later and an infection contracted in hospital has left her, sadly, no longer the mum I knew. It’s been a hard, long sad year but we are all slowly learning to accept how life is now. Perhaps I will download some of your pages, they look beautiful, but honestly Lexa, half the time I don’t know whether she’s with us or not.

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      2. She is with you in another way. Our mum had dementia, I was a random person who visited her and lovingly gave her a manicure each week. Sometimes she would just squeeze my hand, her soul remembered me, I knew who she was and that’s all that mattered. Deep down that bond is still there. Look for the little signs. ❤


      3. Oh I do Lexa. I look for those signs and I see them. The way she squeezes my hand, the way she looks at me sometimes. I know she’s still in there, her beautiful soul is still the same and our bond will never really be broken. Thanks for your supportive words.


      4. I found by recording the memories healed much and it became a beautiful keepsake for your own children to know what she did for you and what you were like as a child.

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      1. Hey Lexa, I didn’t actually answer your question, I was so gobsmacked that you were in Sale. Such a kind offer, probably easiest to post. Can you send me your email so I can send you my address details. Thanks so much Lexa.

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      2. I’d love to meet you too Lexa but I won’t be back down there for a while. Mum’s home is in Sale but she’s here in Melbourne now, in a 24/7 facility where we can all visit her. I used to go home to Sale all the time to visit her on weekends but now I haven’t been for a while, eventually we’ll be selling the house down there. It’s sad but life unfortunately. Still can’t believe you’re there!


      3. Oh I understand Miriam, funny how you gravitate towards a place or person at times. Ok, send me your details via DM on FB Lexa Harpell and then I can post it to you. Cheers, Lexa 😀

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