THIS is why people climb Cradle Mountain – Tasmania

As with all mountains, you have to pick a time for good weather to see their magnificence. Checking the weather for a week, I found a good day, woke up early and it was raining!

Arghhh The following day predicted good weather with possible showers in the afternoon. So an early start was again planned to reach the summit before noon. (Sounds like an epic Everest adventure! haha)

There are various paths to the base of the mountain, I chose the longer, scenic route past Crater Lake.

Reaching Marion’s Lookout you stop for a break to catch your breath and soak in the glorious views over Dove Lake and Lake Lilla. Then look to the mountain!

Named Cradle Mountain because it looked like a baby’s cradle. Well, climbing to the summit was definitely not as easy as climbing into a baby’s cradle!

It took about three hours to walk along paths, up stairs to the base of the rocks. The sign said one hour to the summit.

The closer you get to the mountain, the more feasible it looks to get to the top. Until……your rock climbing skills are put to the test! I found out I was NOT a rock climber!  The rocks became boulders, you stop to look for the best route. Camera has to go into the bag, you need all limbs and nothing to get caught as you climb.

With just 15 mins to go, there is a point where your limbs are not long enough – you can’t get your head or body over the boulders – it is scary as heck. I have to ditch my backpack from here on in! (with camera inside)

The reason we want to climb Cradle Mountain is for the magnificent views.

After climbing back down and retrieving my backpack I found a flat ledge to bask in the glory of this and surrounding mountains on this gorgeous day.



Yep that’s me pressing into the rock as hard as I can – it’s a steep fall. In many ways scarier than going up!



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