Collecting information for an upcoming book…

I’ve been busy collecting information and stories for an upcoming book planned for the end of the year. It has been an absolute privilege to interview some fascinating people from the ‘Silent Generation’. 

This generation built a society and our country with their ‘bare hands’. No modern conveniences, just raw hard work using basic tools. Yet they achieved a lot in their life. We have much to be thankful to this generation, very much indeed.

What has been fascinating,each person said it was a ‘very hard life’, yet their faces light up with beautiful warm smiles when they retell their stories. In ways, they had so much more than we now have.

Community, mateship, honour, self responsibility, self respect…

Life was hard and simple, and they got the jobs done with no complaints. It’s all they knew.

I laughed so much interviewing ‘Cowboy’ – the last of the ‘Piners’ (the men who cut the Huon Pine) here in Tasmania.



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