Beauty in our bush fires…Tasmania

Australia’s ‘Mother Nature’ seems to pick a state each year to remind us that she is in charge of this glorious land. Tasmania has been hard hit this year by our bushfires.

Bushfires are a natural part of our land. Many plants need searing heat for the pods to explode and seeds dispersed. Many of our trees have become resilient and will quickly regenerate.

For months, the north west and south have been burning. Mainly in the glorious National Parks. Fire fighters from around Australia have joined forces to help control the fires. These men and women are a credit to our country. Around 300 fire fighters are stationed at Stanley in the north west’s base camp. You can hear the helicopters flying night and day monitoring the direction of the fires.

With single roads into the areas, it has been difficult. Much has been destroyed and much has been saved by back burning and fighting the fires.

Some areas are still closed and fires still burning. These images are from the Arthur River region. Grass is quickly growing back and there is much beauty in the destruction.





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