MONA – Artwork to push boundaries!

Now for a peek this sometimes controversial art collection.

MONA’s artwork and museum pieces are the private collection of owner David Walsh. Artwork is always subjective, it is supposed to be! Would you remember a row of insipid realistic paintings? ummm hardly.

Some pieces will push your boundaries, some will fascinate you, some will delight your eyes. Love or hate this collection, it WILL make you think and it WILL create conversations. That’s art…it’s job is done. It amused me to listen to the mixed and strong reactions of people’s comments as I walked around the art museum as much as I loved looking at the pieces.

You are given a small mobile devise guide of each piece to either read or listen about the artwork as you roam about the three floors. Another piece of amazing technology David devised.

Whatever your thoughts, it is a diverse collection of art and museum pieces to inspire and admire.

You can either drive or travel by boat to MONA. I would highly suggest to go by boat to feel the full impact and drama of it all.

Even his boats delight the visuals and prepare you for what is to come!

I was mesmerised with this piece,  with hundreds of tiny water jets spelling out random words as they fall. A darkened room with flooring of black water and stepping stones – allowing only one or two people to enter at a time.  *I won’t spoil its contents, it is a must see.

What goes on in the mind!

Art is subjective for sure….yet it is still art and should not be dismissed if you do not happen to like it.


Part of the ‘Gilbert and George’ exhibition on the seasonal lower floor.

Much to see on the outside also!  Yes a trampoline looking over the water!

This is only a small peak at the collection and when you visit Hobart, MONA is a MUST see!

It is an impressive collection and I loved every moment roaming!!


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