Eaglehawk Neck – Tressellated Pavement


30 thoughts on “Eaglehawk Neck – Tressellated Pavement

      1. You should delete my comments here. It’s obviously a problem on my end. That’s not the kind of traffic you want! Ha! I shouldn’t sully your (as I’ve said many times) fine work! Truth!

        Delete them! Delete them all! Ha!

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  1. But isn’t the Internet awesome, anyway!? Ha! I remember a time before Internet (gawd, I’m old)! Back when writers used paper and photographers used film!

    I’m sure you’ve read about those days, right? Somebody kept a record of them, I hope!

    I’m so, so, so old!

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    1. Ummmm unfortunately I remember those days well! haha 😀 I still have my film Nikon propped up on a stand. I take it out and shoot with film from time to time. ahhhh 😀 I have all of the negatives and photos from that era! Now I am showing my age. haha 😀

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      1. Pan X? Tri X? What was the old school B&W film? Moldering somewhere in sweet repose (one hopes) are hundreds–hundreds– of black and white prints. Mostly of Chicago and Naples, Italy. I think I thought I was freaking Ansel Adams or something!

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      1. Whew! I can finally exhale now that you’ve replied! (just kidding)! Your photos are such a treat that you can reply to comments on them whenever you care to! No need to apologize!

        Hey! Is it possible to purchase prints of any of your photos?

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