Winglass Bay – Freycinet National Park

P1840204Ok, my images will not stand up to the thousands of amazing images taken from the air. THAT is how you will see Wineglass Bay’s glorious beauty.

A perfectly crescent shaped beach filled with royal blue waters edged with fine white sand. surrounded by hills – or knuckles as they say – it makes a perfect picture postcard image.

I asked how it got its name. #1 for the shape #2 in earlier years when whaling was at its height it was apparently filled with the whale’s blood – hence wine glass – red wine! *I’m not sure if this is the case, yet was told the same story by a few locals.

From the lookout…

It was about midday before I got underway, so I decided to only view it from the lookout and make an early 7am start the next day for the round trip.

Image #2 I don’t usually take pics of myself, or ask anyone. Yet the young girl who was looking after my bags while I went for a swim thought it would be a good idea!!! Oh well at least I have proof I swam in Wineglass Bay and thank god it was not in focus. haha

I can never understand when someone uses your camera that the quality differs so greatly with colour and clarity – it’s set on auto focus!?????


6 thoughts on “Winglass Bay – Freycinet National Park

      1. Bwahhhhh!!!! I was so off track – that bay has been shot so many times by amazing photographers and I was thinking ‘huh’? Well I had to do something creative and different – holding the camera up in the air while the wave soaked me. haha

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