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MUSICIANS: It’s about the face and the instrument!  Musicians Posts:

Photographing musicians whilst performing can be quite a challenge. You deal with poor venue lighting, rapid movement and random people walking into your space…just at the wrong time. However sifting through the many images and deleting the dodgy ones can be highly rewarding and well worth the time. Most are not extremely sharp – yet you focus on the composition. Musicians are a part of street photography.


P1790916 I prefer to shoot in black and white as colour distracts the eyes on the details. The image becomes more impactful.

Although sometimes stage lighting adds to the image.






P1730107-001 STREET PHOTOGRAPHY:  Street Photography posts:  Un manipulated scenes. Photos of random chance encounters in public places.

A piece of their soul!  People fascinate me.

What you are doing in essence, is capturing a poignant moment in their life – like a piece of their soul. An emotional/historical action or facial expression that is captivating. To me it needs to tell a story or make you ponder.

A piece of history or story!

fav P1820107

It can also be an event/building that is recording a piece of history.  One that will have interest or meaning.

fav P1370954


What is interesting to one, may not be to another. In a way it is art and subjective.

Note: I like to be respectful to individuals by asking to take their photo (at a later time when they are not aware) or if I can’t ask then I attempt to ensure their full face is not shown. Others may have different views.

*In some countries it is illegal to take candid images of people without their consent – or to display them in public places/media. Ensure you are doing the right thing! 


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