Lexa’s birthplace is Bondi, Australia – her home is wherever she is in the world.

A dear friend once told her, Travel and leave a legacy in life’ – and so she does.

Her books, photography and projects are intertwined, they inspire each other and take her to fascinating places.

With a curious mind and loving diversity in her life, she is mostly travelling ‘on the road’ capturing images of places and subjects from her surrounds, as well as finding inspiring new projects to work on.

Most recently, her three year project to locate, hear and record stories from people who were the last generation who carved the foundation of modern Australia with their bare hands. To understand what it took to build a nation and learn about the people, our identity and heritage.

Lexa also captures her county’s incredible raw beauty with her trusty, well used camera, often hiking in remote places. Her images have been featured and displayed in themed exhibitions.

Another project took her to 34 towns in four countries in Europe. A journey to walk in the steps of her ancestors after an intense research and recordings with her brother. Producing a 500 page living history book for her family and their descendants.

Published books

Hands that Created Our Heritage RELEASE late 2019

To Mum, Gifts from Your Soul

To Dad, Gifts from Your Soul

available on: amazon.com

Links to view her photography



Pop Art Collection


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