Look what I’ve seen….

P1400973You are never lonely when you travel with your camera. Viewing life through a camera presents images and views of the world in detail with fun and fascinating results. My eyes unconsciously scan my surrounds to capture a Moment in Time of places, people or interesting subjects together with my trusty travel camera.

I’ve noticed two basic types of images that people shoot to remind them of their travels.

.#1  Look where I’ve been. #2 Look what I’ve seen. – *see post. I’m basically #2 – you aren’t going to see a whole heap of selfies here…

Soooo I’ll present Short Story Picture Boards in a blog form (so I don’t bore the heck out of you!) of places, situations or subjects.  Along with three titled words which describe my personal feelings in that moment.

Travel Images – Short Story Picture Boards  – click for link

P1330511Sydney – My hometown in B&W – Dynamic – young – vibrant – click for link

Hope you enjoy them and please feel free to comment or share your own experiences/images with us. I’d love to hear from you…..

Above: (Iconic – Northern Ireland – traffic was packed up behind me with nowhere to stop or park – so I had no other choice – shoot through the front window of the car!) Sometimes you have to take the shot no matter what…..and hope for the best. 

P1700981(Cover: Laying on a catamaran’s trampoline in the rare warm sunshine in Donegal. The water was still and clear – so I shot down through the netting at our reflections – with fun results.)

P1580228    fav P1370954

**Please note – all images are subject to copyright – Lexa Harpell.   Not to be used for commercial or personal purposes without my permission. If you wish to use them in any form – please contact me for permission.


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