You have to love those last-minute invites. Not knowing where you will stay or what you will see or experience.  This was one of those moments…….

It was the 20th annual Blues Festival in Monaghan. A small enough town not to be overrun with too many people. In fact is was downright cruzy strolling the streets with friends for a few days!

An incredible line up of singers and musicians filled the pubs throughout the day and night, along with the headliners in the marque. Being and Aussie visitor in Ireland, many names I had not heard of – yet quickly grew to love.

Talent falls from the skies like the rain here in Ireland!  And believe me it rains a hell of a lot here!  haha

Rusty Jacks: The soulful gravelly voice of Shelby strikes the perfect sound with solid musicians of their Southern Blues Band.

P1780363  P1780343

P1780323  P1780457

The sultry Dana Fusch – I first saw her in the movie ‘Across the Universe’ and became a huge fan.

P1790329-002  P1790260-001

P1790289 P1790247

My Irish friends were eager to see Pat McManus – being an Aussie I’d never heard of him.  Wow – this guy oozed with so much joy I though he would burst at times. Brilliant performer!

P1780715  P1780762

P1780961  P1780796

An there was plenty more during the festival……..

P1780539-002 P1780595

P1790167  P1780695




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