Magic happens when you say ‘Yes’ – Fun – Possibilities – Living Life

Ahhh you never know who you are going to meet at any given time when you are on the road – nor do you know where it will take you or what you may experience.

Sunday afternoon pub in Ti Linn listening to amazing musicians – I met an English couple who were sailing around Ireland on a catamaran. Mesmerised by their journey and stories they invited me for a cup of tea on their boat.

So….up early the next morning, travelled by bus to Carrick then walked for an hour to Ti Linn pier. Arghhhh no boat, oh well, they must have sailed along the prior night.


Then……the boat majestically appeared from behind the sea wall in the rare Irish sunshine in perfect timing to my arrival.

P1700875 P1700888-002

P1700900 P1700902

P1700932-001John and Emma graciously put the kettle on for a cup of tea to sip on this gorgeous craft. Images of life on the sea danced through my mind – exploring places, seeing sights you would not see by land. They showed me some incredible footage of dolphins swimming alongside their craft in the vast ocean.

The water was calm and bright under the trampoline – I began to play with my camera capturing our reflections.

P1700954  P1700969P1700975  P1700981

P1710011I so thank John and Emma for this incredible morning – a moment in time I will not forget.

Ocean Swift is a magnificent catamaran lovingly built by John over many years.

At present, ‘The Lady’ (Ocean Swift) is taking John and Emma around the magnificent waters of Ireland. What adventures and stories they will have exploring and saying YES to the possibilities in life!!!


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