Glencolmcille, Donegal – Secret – Untouched – Raw

After exploring Slieve League’s river and cliffs, I hopped on the bus back to Donegal to explore more of the north of Ireland. Standing on the wrong side of the road the driver said the bus loops to Glencolmcille then onto Donegal. So I will take a 30mins joy ride to look at the scenery.

Entering the valley my jaw dropped at the beauty of this small untouched village. I told the driver I was getting off the bus – he replied ‘You have a ticket to Donegal!’ I didn’t care and didn’t know why I was lured by this village.

I had no idea where to stay – yet was compelled to explore more of the county…..

This is just one of the gems of this secret place where time forgot.

*Fine white sand –  water runs from the hills into a river of azure blue mixed with golden brown sediment from the peat – emerald green hills and weed makes for a glorious display of colours unique to the area.

P1660578 P1660656P1660661 P1660732P1660712 P1660699P1660859 P1660865 P1660925


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