Travel Photography – Look where I’ve been OR Look what I’ve seen.. What do you shoot?

Now there is no right or wrong photos when you travel. Yet it has always intrigued me what images people like to capture on their travels with their cameras.

I’ve noticed two basic types of images that people shoot to remind them of their travels.

1. Look Where I’ve Been! Standing in front of a landmark or icon of the place. Smiling or pointing or skylarking about. Usually these pics are to show family and friends.

2.  Look What I’ve Seen!  Images of scenery or subjects that have captured your soul – you can look back and the picture will transport you back to that time.  Big landscapes images or close up details.

fav P1620548Yep, I have to admit – occasionally I do #1 – Like sitting on the edge of a cliff in Wicklow, Ireland overlooking the set of the TV series Vikings. I sent this one to my brother in Canada, basically to get back at him and tick him off!!!  **We love the series and he is usually a few episodes in front of me and teases me relentlessly.

P1670076OR once I have climbed or treck ed somewhere special, I will lean back and shoot the scene including my shoes. I’m a solo traveller so a bit hard to stand in front of a scene and selfies are too close up for my liking – arghhhhh not looking pretty sweating and looking daggy. **Check out lilly white unshaved legs!  Donegal’s Wild Atlantic Way.

P1680527 P1680409-001Yet basically I love taking shots of things I have seen, especially close ups. To me – it creates a more personal attachment of a place when I look back at the image.

What are your thoughts on the type of pics you take on your travels?


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