Whitby – England – Storybook – Moody – Historic

Arriving in Whitby in Yorkshire England at dusk presented the most beautiful colours to start snapping images of this historical seaside town. You have to love strolling through the streets at this hour when tourists are usually indoors or eating out. I’d rather go walkabout when the light is brilliant than sitting in a restaurant eating – I can do that anytime – but the light does not wait!!!!

Walk down those small laneways – look through doorways to find some gems.

I couldn’t wait to explore the Magnificent Whitby Abbey looming on the hill….

fav P1460179  fav P1460188faaav P1460296   P1460305 fav P1460320   fav P1460251   fav P1460268  fav P1460247    fav P1460262 fav P1460227   fav P1460218   fav P1460308-001  P1460277   fav P1460413  fav P1460403


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