Famine – Ireland – Sometimes it is the story behind the story that chokes you up!

Simply titled “Famine’ these seven statues ‘walk’ along Dublin ‘s quay to ships to take them away from death. Millions of Irish perished or suffered in the Great Potato Famine – starved over years.  They stand tall – desperate faces – gaunt bodies – the suffering – each statue with a story to tell  if you take the time to look closely.

I noticed a young man placing flowers in their hands. Stopping to chat with him for a while…..‘his’ story effected me deeply and the statues took on a very different meaning.

This homeless man ‘visits’ them about every second day – he talks to them –  told me they are his ‘friends’ – knows their stories (apparently). He invited me to help him place flowers in their hands – So why the flowers? I asked. He turned and said – ‘the flowers give them hope’.

A huge lump – the size of a  golf ball was stuck in my throat – I was gasping, trying to swallow – hold it together, somehow…….

Sometimes it its the story behind the story that can move you more……

Now I don’t know if this is true – yet the ‘story’ I was told is quite plausible in these times. The last two images of a many carrying his dead son over his shoulders. The man could not take his son with him on the boat, he would not throw his dead son in the water like others were doing.  So he wrapped his son in a cloth and laid him down on the dock.  The man turned as he got on the boat and saw dogs tearing his son apart to eat…..all living creatures were suffering. These dogs would not have had to resort to this act if they too were not desperate…….

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