Whao!!! Be careful what you wish for… #8

The words kept floating in my mind over the next week, with no explanation as to their meaning.

‘Take my hand – Close your eyes’  at times I would reverse it  ‘Close your eyes – Take my hand”

P1330227The basket and contents were now sitting on my lounge 24/7 for inspiration of some kind. I’d stare at it, think about it, question it, let it go – well not completely – I’m a ‘dog with a bone’ remember?

I just had to tell my brother about my new find, so I skyped him and told him everything. Oh I saw him roll his eyes at me, but I didn’t care. His wife joined our conversation and boringly, I repeated everything about the letter, basket, clock etc., She has a wonderful effervescence for life and sound logic (unlike me) and came up with different scenarios I hadn’t though of because of my narrow focus on… ‘the bone’.

P1330226This person, that person could have bought or made it. Maybe it was given to you years ago and you forgot. After a while we were all laughing and coming up with silly solutions. Then Jan said raising her glass ‘Oh go rub it like a genie in a bottle as see what happens! Maybe we will all get transported back in time and we can have a drink with your ancestors!’ Now I knew she was having a go at me, but it was funny. We changed the subject as we were getting no where and chatted about the usual family things.

A week later I remembered her words and thought; ‘Ehhh, I’ll give it a go and see what happens’ I’ve nothing to lose and there is no one around to watch my stupidity anyway.

IMG_5953Sitting on the lounge with the basket in my lap, I picked up the clock, stared at it for a while and began rubbing it, then I closed my eyes thinking of all that had happened from the moment I found the letter.

Whao!!! Am I having a sugar dizzy spell from all the chocolate I just ate or is it aneurism that just went off in my head? Everything went black and time stopped…

Follow this six-week journey…..


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