Close your eyes and take my hand… #7

‘Ok, the clock kept bugging me over the next few weeks.  Crazy or not, I just had to find out the what-who-why’s.

I rummaged through the box and pulled the clock out again. Sitting at my computer, I systematically went through the dates. Of course they were from the past! Yet what relevance? So, I was a little slow to make the connection at first – the letter – the basket. Then I began checking the years against our ancestry research.

P1320856Sifting through the multitude of dates in our records, I noticed that half of the date were the years our ancestors arrived in Australia –  ahh pattern No #1.  Now for the rest of the odd dates…… I cross checked everything – the other dates were the last years we could trace our sixteen main family lines! Pattern #2.

Had someone else traced our family lines and we hadn’t known? No one in our immediate family has to our knowledge. OK think…it would have to be someone in our immediate family because they are our parents family lines. If it was a cousin or someone else, they would have included their parents and the dates different. Hmmmm

I picked up the clock again. When would this have been made and by whom? I slowly checked all over the clock looking for a date of manufacture, a name, a scratching, a clue of any sorts. Arghhh nothing! I just have to know more. Anyone who knows me, knows that when I get ‘a bee in my bonnet’, I am like dog with a bone, I can’t let go!

I went back through everything in the basket looking for a clue as to who would have made it or placed it in the basket. I looked through all our ancestry records. Still nothing. I even phoned everyone in our family; yes, including cousins just in case. They all know I am loopy, so it was no surprise to them all for me to ask such absurd questions. They just laughed and would not dare tell me to ‘let it go’.

Feeling like a cross between Inspector Cluso and Indiana Jones, I went back to the clock. Maybe there is something inside? I’ll open it! Easier said than done, my impatience almost broke it.

I found something!!! Brushing of the accumulated grit, I read the words scratched into the casing.

P1330226  P1330227

‘Take my hand’ on one side and ‘Close your eyes’ on the other side.

I had no idea what this meant or who etched it…well at least it was another clue, but to where?

Follow this six-week journey…..


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