Travel Tips! – Girls keep your money in your bra!

When travelling you stick out as a tourist – a beacon for undesirables knowing you are cashed up and vulnerable in a strange city. You don’t have your wits about you as you desperately fumble maps and looking totally lost – most of the time.

I don’t like to take my purse out of my bag or backpack often to be a target. You have debit and credit cards in your purse – your life line. We all know the angst to have them cancelled if stolen and the time it takes to contact the banks for replacements.

Well…..I keep coins for bus fares and small purchases in my pocket and my paper money stuffed in my bra. It’s the safest place to store them. Could you imagine a would be thief trying to tackle the contents of your bra? Even if they were stupid enough to attempt this – bystanders would think you are being molested by a deviant and are more likely to help you than if they thought your purse was being snatched.

I like to have a clear mind while desperately trying to turn that map to follow the roads to the museum –   instead of worry about my purse and thieves!

Gentlemen – since you don’t wear a bra – I have no solution for your safety!  Sorry…..


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