A Journey of your Dreams…..#5

I spoke to my brother through Skype and told him about the letter, the basket and the clock.

As usual, he thought my mind was way too active for my own good and a little crazy. Which by the way I don’t blame him, this time at least. I showed him the items and the clock…..showing him the odd dates on its face.

Well…..there were a lot of questions as to: Who would make such a clock and how did it get in the basket? We came up with blanks, and the whole thing seemed too fanciful. Yet there was that a small element of wanting it to be true , no matter how crazy I felt.

A week later, we spoke through Skype again chatting about the usual things. Then my brother said; “Hey Bub, wouldn’t that be great to do”. I didn’t have to ask what he meant. I said; “Oh yes!” We paused a short while just looking at each other, perhaps dreaming what if or in hope, then continued our usual family conversations.


Follow this six-week journey…..


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