What is Travel Photogrphy and what is it to you???

What is Travel Photography to You?

Hmmmm To me it is all about capturing a moment in time – an image that is directed by your soul.

P1400973-001Take the shot that sings in your heart despite of the weather – conditions – surrounds. Not worrying about the F stops, ISO, fiddling with the camera to ‘get it perfect!’ or manipulating the photo in photoshop etc., (I do crop at times – to eliminate a fire hydrant or random person who walked into your sphere at that given moment – arghhhh). 

Life is not perfect and that its beauty and fascination. Like the cracks in an old cup which tells a story of its life or the story behind the image.

I turn – I see – I shoot. I’ve even taken shots through the window of a car and hoped for the best!!! I keep it fun!

My camera is set on three different settings so when I click, three shots fire off. I filter through the images each night and choose the ‘keeper’.  It’s also set for dynamic black & white and vivid colour. I like strong tones. Taking shots of the same subject in both at times – quickly flicking the dial so I don’t lose the moment.

fav P1360061

4am and dusk are my favourite times – I love the lighting and the emptiness of the areas.

Preferring to use a good compact mirror less camera. It’s lighter and easy to carry around the neck. I wear long scarves so I can cover the camera when walking around – to protect the camera, to protect myself when walking in dodgy areas or at night, it’s not intrusive to others/subjects – and so I don’t look too much like a tourist! haha


What do you do – use for your travel photography? I’d love to know and to share your travel hints with others.

Moments in Time – Travel Images…

*above images: This was shot through the front window of a car – with cars backed up behind me, I had no other choice and hoped for the best – the imaged was cropped. I HAD to capture this man – iconic Ireland! 4am wandering London’s streets, buildings take on a whole new meaning.


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