Follow your Hearts…..#4

Just when we thought our journey had finished…..

Follow your hearts… 4

cropped-p1320769-aa.jpgSorting through the items in the basket reminded me of the time spent researching our ancestors during 2012.

We certainly collected quite a lot of information and pieced together an interesting story of our family. Feeling quite proud of our efforts; we preserved our family history to pass down through time.

Old photos, certificates and old maps; the cup, goblet, glass bottle and scarf from our grandmother and the woollen shawl from our mother were all memorable. Yet the clock that lay in the bottom of the basket was not.

Lifting the clock from the basket, my eyes followed the random numbers which spiralled towards the centre, ending with a familiar image, a long time favourite family photo.  The photo always held a little mystery as to what our dad was looking for along this dirt road.  With our brother standing by his side imitating his stance, the picture always evoked many possible stories as to what was happening in that moment.

As I slowly began looking through the other photos of our ancestors, a soft thought spoke…..’if we could only travel back in time and share some of these moments.’  The thought vanished as quickly as it came.

Follow this six-week journey…..


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