4AM London – Empty – Quiet – Surreal

Wandering the streets at 4am is surreal in ways. Gone are the people who distract your vision – gone is the noise that disturbs your mind. You can just be in the moment and witness the sights alone.

You wouldn’t want to bump into me at this time of morning. I usually jump out of bed, throw on the first garment my hands grab and scurry out the door with camera around my neck. Oh good grief – I haven’t even brushed my teeth! Odd socks, dishevelled hair – looking like a vagrant. Yet I am on a mission – to capture the glorious light before the sun comes up.

fav P1360010 fav P1360058

London 4am 1  fav-p1360055  P1360025   P1360021-001

London 4am 2 fav P1360064

fav P1360042 P1360036

P1360069-001 P1360002


2 thoughts on “4AM London – Empty – Quiet – Surreal

    1. Oh thanks so much Jewel – if only you knew how quickly I take these images!!! I turn, I see, I shoot whatever captures my eye. I so appreciate you looking at them. So much fun… 😀

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