Two gorgeous books for your Mum and Dad…..


‘My intention was to give a heartfelt gift to my mum, it also turned out to be the greatest gift I gave to myself.’

My mum’s book was written as a gift for her 90th birthday. As she had dementia – I wrote it as a child in the hope she would understand.

I wanted to show that the things she did for me as a child did not go un noticed. On each act of her love to me – I reflected as an adult of they taught me.

Those niggling issues I had just blew away….

Having a sense of regret for not doing the same for my dad – I thought it is never too late to tell someone how much you love them – even though he had passed away.

Something compelled me to look at my dad through the eyes of a son. With my brothers help I found love encompasses more than I believed – I found deep understanding…..

The little things in life turn out to be the big things…..  


I’ve included pages in the books so you can reflect on what your parents did for you as a child. It’s a great gift for your mum or dad – and yourself……


 Available links:  Balboa Press:     Amazon:     Barnes and Noble:

*Please be aware, this is a picture book, not all background images and fonts appear on E-Book or Kindle version. The translation and visual will be a little lost, however the essence of the words will be there. 


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