The Basket… #3 Just when we thought our journey was finished…..

Just when we thought our journey was finished….


p1320616-aaAt first, I was a little hesitant and felt rather silly looking for a basket.  Then the effects of the bottle of wine kicked in which sparked my curiosity.

I rummaged through my storage boxes. Just as I was about to give up, I thought ‘if I can’t find it in the next box, I’m done!’ Opening the box and removing the paper stuffing revealed something wrapped in a woollen shawl.

To be honest, I could not recall seeing this before. Carefully lifting it out of the box, I sat it on the floor and stared at it for a while.


Removing the shawl exposed a basket filled with old family images, some old maps, a head scarf, a pottery goblet and cup and a rather odd-looking clock.

Maybe I threw these things in here when we were researching, years ago, however I couldn’t remember.


P1320737Laying everything out on the bed, I tried to figure out what was so unusual about any of the items. I grabbed the letter and re read it yet again…

“Seek the basket we left for you. Take what lies within, follow your hearts and let me guide you on yet another journey of your dreams.”



Follow this six-week journey…..


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