‘The Letter’ that took my breath away….. #2

P1320819Ahhh spring cleaning. That large pile of unwanted papers accumulated over years still sat in the bottom drawer. For the past 2 weeks it kept bothering me, I could not bare it any longer.

Ok! Today was the day to finally tackle the job and sort that stuff out for once and for all.

I took a deep breath, turned on my favourite music and poured myself a glass of wine to ease the pain of this horrid chore.

I’ll do this quickly and ruthlessly! After all there’s no point in keeping anything you haven’t used within a year. Except the odd warranty card.

After 3 hours – yes there was a lot of papers to sort, I was nearing the end and eager to finish. Throwing the last few papers in a box destined for the bin.

Finished! and quite cuffed that the drawer was finally empty. Then I saw a yellow cord stuck at the back of the drawer. I pulled on it a few times and reached behind the desk to find a rolled up piece of paper attached. Never saw this before, certainly not a warranty card.

I untied the cord and rolled out the old paper. Time stopped as I read the date; my breathing stopped as I read its contents. Sitting on the floor, I took a rather large mouthful of wine and re read the letter word for word, very slowly.


“25th August, 1865

My Dearest Kevin and Lexa,

You have found this letter as you are nearing your journey’s end.

Oh I know you thought it was complete, unearthing and recording all your information, preserving our history. Yet, there is one more journey for you both to take, to experience.

We witnessed you grow over the years in hope you were to be the ones. Such inquisitive children you both were, filled with immense curiosity for life. Formidable siblings sharing a bond and intense passions for knowledge and history.

Your inquisitive desires and yearnings to uncover the truths, strengthening with each year’s passing burned through time, connecting us.

Nothing in life is by chance my dears. A series of events led our connected souls to unravel the stories and secrets you have yearned to explore and for our stories to be heard. We waited patiently for the day you began your quest.

The journey began with a single thread. You were chosen to weave these delicate threads of your family’s history: Our Tapestry of Life.

Your great efforts are complete. Our hearts and souls have connected deeply.

Seek the basket we left for you. Take what lies within, follow your hearts and let me guide you on yet another journey of your dreams.

Faithfully yours,

Jane Litherland

Appleby Magna, Leicestershire”

Follow the journey…..


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