Brick Lane – Edgy – Eclectic – Urban

Brick Lane is London’s little secret. Nestled in the edge of the city, Brick Lane offers much for your senses to feast upon.

You can wander the street all day sampling its delights on the colourful food, urban shopping, people watching. Yet I found the graffiti hidden in the side streets the most fascinating on this particular day.

fav P1370490   P1370597  fav P1370604   fav P1370610

fav P1370755   fav P1370751   fav P1370698

P1370493    P1370746   P1370707   P1370710  P1370746   fav P1370758

© Lexa Harpell

**Please note – all images are subject to copyright – Lexa Harpell.   Not to be used for commercial or personal purposes without my permission. If you wish to use the in any form – please contact me for permission.


2 thoughts on “Brick Lane – Edgy – Eclectic – Urban

  1. Super cool… There’s an alley like that in Melbourne. I’ll have to pass some pictures along to you. It’s amazing what people are capable of. Thank you for sharing 😊


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