To Dad, Gifts from Your Soul – coming soon – July 2015


My second book – To Dad, Gift from Your Soul will finally be published in a few weeks -yehhh and phew!

I’d been editing the book backwards and forwards during my travels over the past 10 weeks. On ferries, trains, cafes,  in dodgy hotels rooms…whenever I had the head space and time.

This book was a must!  I had strong urges of regret for not writing a book for my dad also – even though he had passed away years previously. I figured it is never too late to tell someone how much you love them.

My first book – To Mum, Gifts from Your Soul was written for my mum’s 90th birthday as a gift. As she had dementia, I wrote it simply as a child, in the hope she would understand. Wanting to tell her the things I loved about her and was grateful for.

Months of tears and sobbing – then reflecting on how each act of her love would mould me as an adult. Yep more tears – I have the crying gene big time!!!

‘My intention was to give a heartfelt gift to my mum, it turned out to be the greatest gift I gave to myself.’

Now – everyone on the planet has some sort of issues with their parents – even if you loved them with all your heart! – It is part of our own journey in life.

I worried that I would not have the same ‘healing’ as I had with my mum’s book – yet I had to trust the journey and be open to what was installed….

Something compelled me to see my dad ‘through the eyes of a son’. Taking a deep breath I engaged my brother…….and so this book began its own journey.

I found another level of love – Deep Understanding…

Join me on a journey to remember the importance of the little things in life – as they turn out to be the big things…..

Did those pesky niggling issues finally washed away?……

CoverOut in July 2015   TWITTER BLOG IMAGES1-001


3 thoughts on “To Dad, Gifts from Your Soul – coming soon – July 2015

    1. Oh Hi! Thanks for taking the time to read the post. Shall post up when it will be available. It is written simply allowing space for others to reflect on their own thoughts and memories. It’s a twofold gift… will see what will transpire for yourself.
      Again, thanks for dropping by, reading and commenting. Lexa xxx

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