The Journey – On the Clipper Route – #33

Having a drink with our ancestors – just when we thought our journey had finished…


The Journey

They settle into cramped accommodations. With just 2 small boxes of possessions, and probably very little money or any.

The ship is filled with immigrants from different countries, cultures and religions, families, young children, single women and single men.

For most, this would be the first time that they have met someone beyond their town.

Eager to know as much as they could and mesmerized by different accents, they exchange stories of where they came, and what they have heard about life in Australia. .



The ships were cramped at best. In the second ‘class’ accommodation, the sleeping berths are 6 feet by 4 feet 6 for two persons and there are a few double berths.

 The open berths are exclusively occupied by single men, with some compartments containing 8 beds.

Young ladies’ sleeping berths are in compartments of 4 or 6 beds and placed on one side of the ship — young men on the opposite side of the ship; families occupy berths on either side.

 Each person is provided with a bed filled with straw and napery and a small cask or tin bottle to hold their daily supply of fresh water, about 3 pints.

This was to be their ‘home’ for the next 85 – 100 days sailing across the  oceans to a land they could only have dreamed – in hope…..


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