Gloucester – Warehouses – Waterways – Adventure

Gloucester was a surprise. I’d briefly stopped overnight on my ancestry journey. As my mind was on visiting specific towns I had no knowledge or wanted to of this town. I did know it was not near the ocean – my Tom Tom showed me!  haha Yet there were many seagulls flying around – I had little head space to figure out why.

The next morning I was off again being directed by my trusty Tom Tom. I saw a sign Maritime Museum!  Of course I turned that steering wheel its direction and this is what I found to my surprise.

Moral: Listen to the little signs and just go explore. I could have missed this little gem.

PS  It is 16 miles from the coast with a waterway to the ocean – it is also a gateway to many of the canals in South of England. In its day it was a rather important town for goods arriving from the ocean to feed the inland towns via the canal system.

fav P1560421 fav P1560452fav P1560394 fav P1560453

fav P1560407 fav P1560382fav P1560481 fav P1560453

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