Their Journey to Australia – Hope for a New Future #31

Having a drink with our ancestors – just when we thought our journey had finished…


Hope for a New Future 1853-1883

Taking the first step…

Our ancestors had a desire to improve their life, whether by choice or out of the necessity to just survive. Our ancestors had a desire to improve their lives. Times were hard and conditions harsh in Britain and Germany in the mid 1800’s. High Taxes, food, money, jobs, war and education were scarce; diseases rampant, sickness and fatality all around.

Whatever their reasons, they were brave, adventurous souls, filled with trepidation and aspirations. They made a choice to leave behind family and familiarity for:


Plentiful prospects to work and to build a future;

The promise of abundant fresh meats, fruits and vegetables;

A temperate climate to warm and heal their sickened bodies;

The lure to discover gold;

A strong sense of adventure to see new lands;

Romance of freedom to live in wide open spaces;

Perhaps to escape the shackles of a rigid ‘class system’; 

Whatever their reasons, their desire were to surpass their current lives; they dared and they came to……Australia.

O’Far away-oh far away-

We seek a world o’er the ocean spray!

We seek a land across the sea,

Where bread is plenty and men are free,

The sails are set, the breezes swell-

England, our country, farewell! farewell!



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