Their Journey – Into the Unknown 1853…#32

Having a drink with our ancestors – just when we thought our journey had finished…

Into the Unknown

xxxOur ancestors mostly came from small inland farming towns. Their journeys would take them to the other side of the world, which they knew very little about. spread across the United Kingdom and Europe that there was a land filled with promise. Remember, this was before the internet to google, television, travel agency, brochures or photos. These were all in the imagination – a place where anything and everything was possible.

They were brave, willing and hardy people leaving behind the only life they and their own ancestors had ever known.

Did they know what the journey would entail? Did they dream for a brighter future? Was it a ‘gut’ feeling? Or just blind faith?

One thing for sure, their lives were about to change. There would be challenges along the way, adjustments, uncertainty, opportunities, a new land and new life, different cultures, a freedom they never knew.

Most had never seen the ocean, let alone a ship. Packing a handful of clothing and a few personal belongings, they headed to the coast in Glasgow, London, Plymouth & Hamburg; to board a ship towards their dream.

They would on a ship with 200-350 other immigrants and crew sharing the same hopes and dreams.

Sharing an experience few others had.


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