Just when we thought our journey was finished…


Just when we thought our journey was finished….. 1

It all began a few years ago when a brother and sister reminisced over childhood stories and experiences.

The voids of many burning unanswered questions led to curiosity and a desire to unlock these hidden truths from our past.

Insights into our ancestor’s lives, their trials, what they endured and a decision that would take them to another country far away from all they knew – Australia.

Sharing the same intensity for life, we worked well together. With my brother’s inquisitive passion for history, he naturally began researching, tracing names and dates. Being a Virgo with a natural tendency for detail, order and puzzles, I became the keeper and of the information. We became the Seeker and Scribe.

Weaving each thread carefully, creating our family’s Tapestry of Life.

We learned about our own history, our ancestors, our own sense of belonging and much about ourselves.

Within one year, we produced a 500 page book, preserving our personal history, to be passed down through the generations.

Our burning desires to uncover our truths were quenched.

We had finally finished our journey!  So we thought…..until I found a letter a few years later….


Follow this six-week journey…..


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